Forensic Anthropology

Forensic anthropology applied to human rights violations has proven to be an effective tool for the solving of cases of forced disappearances of American Latinos. At ACCT, we understand that the usage of forensic anthropology for the purpose of finding victims of trafficking can be a great contribution to the fight against this crime.


ACCT offers stability and accompaniment for the families from the moment in which the report is filed for the disappearance of a loved one attending to a situation that could organize a human trafficking crime. Also, assistance and stability is offered to the victims in order for them to retake control of their lives.


ACCT offers trainings and talks in different educational environments in the entire country for the purpose of raising awareness, preventing future cases, and shedding more light on the topic of human trafficking. Part of the task includes producing our own materials, both for educators and for students, which serve as educational tools, while at the same time are accessible and dynamic.

Our Work

Voluntary Work

In ACCT we are interested in receiving national and international students or graduates of different levels and fields. ACCT offers training to those interested in helping us achieve our goals. If you are interested, please email us at

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